Watery Waterfall of Textura Text

@ P.ARK Opening Exhibition: Texture House, 2021
  • 이 포스터는 워터폴(Waterfall) 형식을 취하며 구텐베르크의 마자린 성경에서 따온 텍스투라(Textura) 양식의 텍스트(Text)를 물(Water)의 양이 많았다 줄어드는 듯한 텍스처(Texture)로 보여준다.
  • 글자나 물의 텍스처는 실존하지 않지만, 각각 흑백 대비로, 온도의 차이로 인지한다. 글자와 물, 두 가지를 연결 지으며 텍스투라(Textura) 양식의 글자와 워터폴(Waterfall)이라고 불리는 서체 미리보기 방식을 말장난처럼 떠올렸다.

  • Water has no texture but it feels as it does, because of temperature difference.
  • Printed text has no “actual” texture but it looks as it does, because of black and white space contrast.
  • “Waterfall” in type design context refers to sets of letters in different sizes in descending/ascending manner to showcase them.
  • “Textura” is one of classifications of blackletter script. Gutenberg’s 42-line bible Mazarin Bible was set in Textura style blackletter.
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